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Basesoft Solutions is an expert in developing software solutions and we use IQ Portal Portal with Re-usable app's to build stable, secure and custom applications.

We work with a team of experienced webdevelopers and experts and are able to expand our operations rapidly.

Below you can find a selection of our national- and international customers within the Lighting, Logistics, Recycling and Business Services.

We use state of the art Technology to offer our Customers highly appreciated high-end Solutions and Services!

We always are focussed on improving Usability and Efficiency for our Customers.

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Check out our IQ Solutions and Services below!

Explore our Standard Solutions IQ Responses, IQ Report, and IQ TBS based on IQ Portal. Our Custom Applications are developed with re-usable App´s in IQ Portal. 




We develop Custom Solutions using Re-Usable App's


All our customers Worldwide use IQ Portal 24/7.  The platform is fully tested, secure, and based on the newest technology.

We can develop custom applications for basically every Business Solution.

We also create your Business Mobile App's according to your Corporate design.

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Analyze your Data through Dashboards and Reports with 1 click!

IQ Report is our powerful reporting solution to visually create, analyze, report, and share new dashboards.

Make reports by drag & drop. Used by all our international customers.

Basesoft Solution's goal is to develop APP's with the best user experience possible! Usability, Security, Efficiency, Time and Cost reductions are key.



IQ TBS is the Standard Solution to comply with the WEEE Directive and declare Put on the Market (PoM) Data.


With country-specific functionality compliant to National European laws!

Used by more than 28 TBS’s and 10.000+ Producers, Retailers, and Exporters in Europe.

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User-friendliness and Security of our software are essential!  For the development of all applications we use the Multi-functional, Multi-lingual, and Re-usable App's of IQ Portal.



Interested in our multi-lingual and multi-channel Survey Solution?

IQ Responses is an integrated survey solution to create, publish, invite and analyze & report results.

Used Worldwide by FEDEX for all customer loyalty surveys and training.

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Are you planning to build a new Application, a Mobile APP or if you need advice, we are happy to help you in any way possible! Our experts know how to assist you professionally.

Mobile APP Development

Talk to one of our Experts if you have an idea for an App or questions.



Consultancy, Service and Development

Our Experts can help you to optimize the development process, the project timelines, and costs of a project. With more than 23 years of experience with different industries and markets.

We have a rather special Development Cycle in which we start with defining different user cases based on the functional description of an application. Based on this we set-up several automated tests. We also develop prototypes to test different scenarios.

A Selection of our Business Cases

Based on IQ TBS. We developed and operate the Blackbox in Europe

For Philips, Osram, General Electric, and PwC (The Lighting Industry).

The platform handles a European and integrated platform for

  • All WEEE Directive Products (all Categories inclusive Batteries)

  • The complete declaration of Put on the Market (PoM) data and collection of recycling fees in Europe compliant to the WEEE Directive is handled

FEDEX uses IQ Responses for more than 23 years for Customer Loyalty Worldwide

  • We developed and operate the platform Worldwide in 52 languages & uses it for training/bonuses of the customer service reps.

  • We usesd our products IQ Portal, IQ Responses, and IQ Report for this solution.




We developed and manage a European platform for WEEE Europe

  • Producers can declare Put on the Market (PoM) data centrally for all European countries through our platform.

  • Compliant to the WEEE Directive and European Legislation